Why Choose PPS?

11 Reasons For Choosing Progressive Power Solutions

1. More than 13 years in business. This is more than double most other companies in the state, sometimes triple or quadruple or more.  Again, 13 years is ANCIENT for solar. Many companies go out of business after a few years and even the older solar companies are only 6-7 years old.


2. True Custom Design and Engineering.  Unlike most companies, we have a full-time in-house electronics engineer who is NABCEP certified  (nationally certified in renewable energy) who does all of our design work.  For example, we can do covered walkways, off-grid cabins and large commercial projects. We have even customized solar for government institutions and a utility power grid.   We even did an off grid micro-grid system in the middle of Africa for an orphanage!  We are truly custom but not at the custom price.


3. All of our install crews are licensed electricians.  All team leads are NABCEP certified. This is important to you, because around 70% off the work being done on your home for solar is electrical.  We believe that the electrical work should be done by a licensed electrician!


4. Engineering, installation and maintenance are all in-house.  This is one of the reason our reviews are so high on Google (currently 4.9 stars).  When you call, we answer the phone and you can talk to the people who actually installed your system.


5. Great online reviews including an A+ BBB rating which we have enjoyed for over 13 years!


6.  Most of our business comes from referral. We don’t do billboards and door knocking and we pass this smaller advertising budget savings on to you!  We aren’t always perfect, but we take care of our customers.  Talk to our customers in your area!  We have happy, happy customers!  We aren’t satisfied until you are happy.


7. We fix other installers systems/problems.  In fact, we frequently have have other companies call and ask us for advice.  We even had an electic power utility call and ask us questions, and afterwards hired us to do the solar for them!


8.We do solar with batteries and know what we are doing. There is so much to know about batteries and if you don’t have licensed electricians who know what they are doing, you will likely have issues!  We started out doing off-grid systems.  We have hundreds of battery installs (some from as long as 13 years ago) that are still doing well and our customers love us..


9. Some companies want to lock you in to one panel or one type of equipment.  At Progressive, we can offer you just about any panel or equipment you want! You are the boss!  We will let you know our opinion, but in the end, you make the decision.


10.  Your warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. We have been in business for over 13 years. Again, this is ancient for solar.  On top of the manufacturers’ warranties’,  we offer a 25-year Workmanship Warranty for your peace of mind.


11.  Because we employ licensed electricians, many of our solar customers ask us to do other electrical work for them.  We often do extra electrical work for our customers.