Our Solar Clients

Dramatic Residential Solar Design

Dramatic Residential Solar Design. A ‘net-zero’ home and more. This PPS solar array shades a long walkway and enhances the entire garden. Walking under the support structure and panels is a ‘solar experience’ for family and guests alike.

Solar makes a corporate statement

Solar makes a corporate statement. Can you blend utility and an attractive design? PPS says, “Yes.” Integrating solar into picnic area delivers shade and power. What more could you ask for?

Walking a Solar Pathway

Walking a Solar Pathway. Harvesting electricity from sunlight is moving from ‘cutting edge’ to ‘everyday.’ Responsible institutions are prominently incorporating solar into their facilities. It’s cool to work there … in more ways than one!

Pool House Solar + Battery Backup

Pool House Solar + Battery Backup. A 2009 Parade of Homes Winner! This solar array cuts their monthly bill and includes battery backup – critical circuitry, including security, communications and more, is always on.

Stable Power Costs, for a Quarter Century

Stable Power Costs, for a Quarter Century. It’s just smart business. Put in a solar array, and lock in the costs of electricity for the next quarter century or more. Do it for your heirs.

Net Zero + Lifestyle Assurance

Net Zero + Lifestyle Assurance. “We don’t want to be without power … ever.” Ok … we can do that.” A combination of solar, a battery system, and power management hardware delivers power if the grid is up or down.

Survived 100 mph winds & the blow dryer kept on going!

Survived 100 mph winds & the blow dryer kept on going! In December 2011, gale force winds tore the roofs off many homes in this Northern Utah neighborhood, and they lost power for thirty hours. Not this one! While their neighbors were scrambling, the residents of this home were warm and dry – even their hair dryers were working!

Grid Interactive, Net Zero bill

Grid Interactive, Net Zero bill. This 7.5 kilowatt system produces an average of 35 KWh per day, enough to offset their entire power bill. “Progressive Power installed a solar system on our home in November 2010. We have been very satisfied with their knowledge and workmanship. If you are thinking of ‘Going Solar’ I would not hesitate to recommend them highly.”

Another Net-Zero, $7 a month customer

Another Net-Zero, $7 a month customer. A 5.7 kilowatt grid-tie system fits the bill. Using Enphase Microinverters, monitoring system production is available from anywhere … smart phone, PC, iPad … name it. The system produced a megawatt of power in just a few months.

Flat, Membrane Roof? No Penetrations, No Problem

Flat, Membrane Roof? No Penetrations, No Problem. Have a flat membrane roof? We got you covered. We used a ballasted, aero-dynamic solar mounting system, specially engineered for this roof and for this 11 kilowatt system

No need to get fancy

No need to get fancy. This homeowner put the array on an unattached south-facing storage building. Nobody would have known about it, except for the fact that power outages in the area are common, so the homeowner added battery backup. Where do you think the neighbors go to watch TV when the power is out?

Solar keeps things cool

Solar keeps things cool. An added solar benefit is its ability to reflect heat that would otherwise go into the house. This homeowner has noticed a significant decrease in the temperature in their upstairs room. The system also delivers power … every day.

You choose – Send the money to the IRS or invest in your home

You choose – Send the money to the IRS or invest in your home. Solar installations are eligible for Federal and State Tax Credits – if you pay taxes, you can send the money to the IRS and State Government, or invest in your home. It is up to you.

Decrease operations costs

Decrease operations costs. Savvy business people know that energy costs continue to rise. The owner of this business is no exception — Solar is an investment that stabilizes costs, and brings profits to the bottom line.

Know your solar

Know your solar. Modern solar systems are monitored through web-based applications. They are smart enough to notify you (and us) if anything is amiss. We constantly monitor systems to insure that “we have no unhappy customers.” Find out for yourself!