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    Off-Grid Solar Systems

What is Off-Grid Solar?


Off-grid solar runs and stores energy completely disconnected from the electricity grid. Off-grid solar power brings autonomy and freedom to everyday energy use. Most solar contractors focus their resources on installing battery-less on-grid systems which means they have very little experience designing and installing off-grid systems. Progressive Power Solutions was founded in Utah with the overarching intent to bring affordable energy to rural locations. We have been and continue to be leading experts in off-grid and battery storage systems.

Benefits of Off-Grid Systems

  • Power Autonomy – Complete independence from the electricity grid.
  • Cost – connecting rural properties to the grid can be very expensive, so solar power and battery backup can reduce expenses.
  • Tax benefits – The investment tax credit (ITC) can save solar consumers 30% off of installation.
  • Green energy awareness – Those who use off-grid systems are motivated to massively reduce their energy consumption.
  • Self-reliance – Off-grid solar system owners aren’t effected by major electrical outages.


How they work

Off-grid solar power systems require a battery bank that will store your energy. Battery bank capacity needs will be based on solar system sizes. It is also recommended to have a backup generator as an alternative to battery storage. This makes these non connected solar systems different than on-grid systems.

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1. Solar energy fed through panels is directed to a regulator controlling the charge



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2. Battery banks are charged
micro 3. Electricity is output through an inverter reducing voltage for safe everyday consumer use.