Mini-Series Part 2: PPS Install

Welcome to our Solar Mini-Series. Our Mini-Series will try to answer questions about solar that homeowners may have. This second video discusses the purchasing considerations for solar power. A full transcript of this video is found below the video. Feel free to check out the other videos in our Solar Mini-Series.  
Full Transcript:
It was very refreshing to be able to have a company come out give you an estimate and they charged me exactly what they estimated. They sized out the power grids I guess for the solar panels that I would need. We had to talk about quite a few different options as to where things were gonna go and you know how it was all gonna work and they were really willing to work with me and make it happen the way I wanted it to happen. They worked hard on the install. They were very pleasant. Very courteous and professional and answered my questions. I wouldn’t consider even going to someone else. They’ve been fabulous to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending them because we feel so good about what they do.