Utah Solar Power Discount Program Expiring

Contact:  Norm Harrison
Phone:  (801) 367-7282
Email: norman@ppswest.com


Applications Must Be Submitted By April 1, 2013 Up To 20% Instant Volume Purchase Discounts on Residential or Commercial Solar Power Systems

Utah residents have a unique discount opportunity on home and commercial solar power systems which is expiring soon. Now through April 1, 2013 Progressive Power Solutions of Orem, Utah is taking applications from those interested in purchasing a new solar panel system at a significantly discounted rate.

Progressive Power is Utah’s largest and most experienced solar power installation company and is able to negotiate discounts of 10-20% off the current manufacturer rate on solar panels when purchasing in volume or bulk. According to Progressive Power Solutions President Norm Harrison, “we are combining all of our customers’ orders from now through the end of March into one large bulk order so we can take advantage of special manufacturers volume discounts which we will pass on directly to our customers.”

Harrison believes the savings will help make it easier for many families to take advantage of the enormous benefits solar power can provide in both financial savings and peace of mind.

The volume discount savings program when combined with other government issued rebates and tax credits, can save customers as much as 50% on the upfront cost of a new solar power system fully installed. Wendal Child of Fruit Heights, Utah said “our utility bill is down 70% from what we normally paid.” Child purchased a home system from Progressive Power Solutions in 2011 and has enjoyed the savings for nearly two years and is just one example of the monthly discount you can expect when installing a solar panel system on your home.

The cost of solar power systems have dropped sharply over the past 12 months making solar panels more affordable than ever before. Harrison went on to say, “For the first time ever, it now costs less to install a complete solar power system than it does to continue making payments to the power company”

Harrison cites reduced manufacturing costs due to increased sales volume and more competition in the marketplace as key reasons for the lower cost. However Harrison warned that prices were likely to increase as the cost of materials and manufacturing continue to rise. Harrison feels now is the best time to purchase solar panels and that is why they have organized this special volume discount program to help people interested in a solar power system get the best possible saving now before the prices go up.

When asked about the initial investment, Progressive Power Solutions customer Dr. Clyn Robinson of South Jordan, Utah stated “There is an upfront cost, but it’s not a cost that doesn’t make sense, it makes a whole lot of sense financially.”

Progressive Power Solutions offers a free solar evaluation for your home or commercial business and will provide a detailed quote outlining initial costs, expected savings, and financing options that may be available. Go to http://www.ppswest.com or call (801) 367-7282 for more details.