Solar Energy Technology

Solar Stats : A Look Back at 2015 and the Growth of Solar Energy

By the end of Q2 2015 the U.S. installed 1,361 megawatts, beating out any Quarter in the history. Research done by has shown overwhelming growth in the U.S. for Solar Energy adoption. As energy technology continues to be the trend through 2016 let’s look at the landscape of innovation in energy technology.

Clean Renewable Energy

CoolPlanet focuses on transforming renewable, non-food biomass into hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline, jet, diesel and a bio-carbon soil enhancement called CoolTerra. Their proprietary energy solutions focus on building an improving agricultural markets. Elevance uses a new and proprietary technology called olefin metathesis. They create novel specialty chemicals from renewable feedstocks with the goal of delivering everyday products that exceed the performance of existing ones, while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Energy Supply

Proterra is a manufacture of zero-emission, battery-electric vehicles enabling bus fleet operators to reduce operating costs and provide clean, quiet transportation to the community. The world’s most fuel-efficient bus, the Proterra Catalyst™, is available with on-route, fast-charge technology that enables infinite range and in-yard slow charging. Sonnenbatterie  manufactures Smart-storage systems for renewable energies. They market to homes and small businesses that want to be independent from conventional power supply.

Solar Innovations

Progressive Power Solutions is a a pioneer in Utah for providing residences and businesses with clean emergency backup power. Solar generators produce power all day, storing it in batteries. They then supply that stored power to the connected appliances on a needed or “on-demand” basis.