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    Solar Installations and Maintenance Throughout Utah State.

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We are a licensed master electrical company with 14 years in the renewable energy space. We specialize in design, engineering, and installation of renewable energy systems. We provide all of these services in-house. We also do sales and engineering for the Do-It-Yourself people. (Most jurisdictions will require a licensed individual to do most of the work.)

Design and Engineering

Each individual home or business is unique electrical engineering and designs can be created to provide maximum efficiencies. Drafting and electrical drawings are required in most jurisdictions for permitting. We provide all of this in house and none of the work has to be outsourced. This enables us to keep costs lower.

Solar Panel Plan

Solar & Electric Experts


We have an experienced team of licensed electricians and installers with years of experience. We treat your home or business with respect and never leave a mess. We have a combined 25 years of experience in the electrical field and 12 years in the renewable energy sector.


Installation and Maintenance

We provide installation logs of all of the equipment installed at each site. This allows us to provide and stand by all the warranties from the manufacturers. We stand between our customers and the manufacturers on these warranties. We provide a proprietary tracking system that includes the date of purchase and date of installation for each piece of equipment.

We provide maintenance on an annual basis for a minimal fee. Our maintenance includes annual production testing, cleaning of equipment, and maintenance of batteries when applicable. We are here to provide a life time of service for you and your power production facility.

Utah Solar Panel Installations



Education is key to the long term relationships we provide to our customers and future clients. We provide classes and educational material.