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    Residential Solar Power

Progressive Power Solutions offers a no pressure, informative in home solar evaluation. You can ask our expert team all the questions you have about solar power and learn about options you have for your home and the expected savings you can achieve by adding solar panels to your home.

To find out if solar panels might be a good investment for you, you need to evaluate the cost savings over a substantial period of time. Progressive power can help you crunch the numbers, but here’s a place to start. In Utah, an average electrical customer will pay around $.12/kilowatt hour (kwh) for their power usage. A good-sized single family home can likely generate 10,000 kwhs in a year. Therefore, that family would save $1,200 on their power bill in that year. That savings could potentially pay for the cost of a single solar panel – before government subsidies are taken into account. The power estimate we used in this example requires about 20 panels to produce, so that family would have paid for their system in full in 20 years, which is less time than a standard 30-year mortgage! Remember, that is without the help of government subsidies and tax breaks. So the average customer will pay off their system in roughly half of that time. Some people may even realistically generate enough power to begin earning back their investment in as few as six years. It all depends on the size of your home, how much direct sunlight you receive, and the cost of power in your area. Check out this cost to benefit break down.

Home systems are not the only way you can benefit from Solar Power. If you often travel with your electronic devices and mobile phones, you should consider investing in solar-powered chargers. These chargers include a small solar panel that can generate enough power to charge your cell phone or another electronic devices such as a laptop. There are even small solar chargers designed specifically for tablets.


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