Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a solar power energy system last?

The main components of a solar array are the actual panels. All panels installed by PPS come with a 25-year production warranty and free maintenance for a year. The panels produce energy in even the most extreme climates and are very reliable. Other components such as batteries or inverters have varying extended warranties.

Can these systems be installed on my existing home or business?

Of course! The majority of the systems we install for people are on existing homes or businesses. Installing solar can be a tricky process, so make sure to only use those companies that are NABCEP certified. To find out more about NAPCEP, click here. Our crews are very skilled, work efficiently, clean up daily any debris after the job is done, and leave the owner with nothing to worry about.

Can I pick the type of system and parts of my solar power energy system?

PPS places great value in their relationship with their customers. For every system we sit down and discuss the individual needs for every system. Each system is unique. We pride ourselves on the different products we offer and will only install those components that meet the highest standards in the solar industry.

What are some benefits to 'going solar'?

There are many advantages to looking at and investing in alternative energies. Solar allows people to lock in a power rate lower than their currently paying and avoid power rate hikes. Solar is great for emergency preparedness and having power if the grid were to go down in an outage. Other benefits include decreasing a person’s carbon footprint, being a “green” home or business, and the peace of mind in producing your own energy.

Are there any discounts or incentives?

Every system has a 30% Federal Tax Credit the homeowner receives once the system is installed. That means the federal government gives you a check for going solar! In many cases, states have additional tax credits and rebate programs. To see what your state is offering, check out and click on your state.

Does someone need to pay for the system upfront, or can they finance?

Both options are available. We are excited to offer financing to our customers. With a down payment, home or business owners can enjoy low interest financing with payments that can approximate their utility saving. To find of more, speak with a member of the PPS staff. 801.367.7282

What size system do I need?

Contrary to what many people think, the size of a solar array is determined by power usage rather than square footage. To see what system size you may need, check out our solar estimator.

Can I sell my power back to the power company?

Once solar is installed, a ‘net meter’ is also installed. This allows the meter to record energy that is both consumed by the home or business and also record the energy that is being produced by solar. In the majority of states, the power company will give a property owner a one-to-one sell back rate. This means that the power company will only reimburse you for the energy you use. In accordance with this idea, PPS will always size a system to approximate your power usage.

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