Thinking about solar?

Thinking about solar?  There are 5 common mistakes that many people make which can cost you thousands of dollars.  Check out this short video to learn how solar installation on your home or business can save as much as 75% off your energy bills.  Get instant access to the FREE VIDEO by visiting

What is Our Solar Potential?

What is Our Solar Potential? Everyone across the planet has one thing in common: access to the sun. Solar energy has the potential to be the great equalizer, bringing power to everyone who needs it and solving many environmental issues along the way. Sure, it’s an investment upfront, but the benefits are outstanding. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the potential of solar energy.
  1. The sun has the capability of providing more energy than the next top ten sources combined.The runners up include things like coal, Uranium, petroleum, natural gas, wind, and water. In fact, solar energy produces more in a year than the world’s entire coal supply. Tapping into the sun can help humanity avoid an energy crisis and stop us from using up resources that can’t be replaced.
  2. Solar energy avoids many of the dangers of coal power. Did you know that the waste produced by coal power isn’t always safe? For example, 1 out of every 10 women is exposed to so much mercury from coal energy that they are unable to bear children. And more than 6 million children currently live within 5 miles of these coal plants, which produce enough waste to fill up 1 million train cars in just a year. The sun, on the other hand, provides kids with a much-needed vitamin D source and creates no toxic waste when used to power homes and businesses.
  3. Solar energy costs don’t rise like other sources. Let’s face it: power in the United States is getting expensive. From 1995-2009, prices went up 27%! And they will only continue to rise, partially because of resource shortages, and partially just because of the huge demand. If we want to continue to meet this demand with mostly coal, as we are doing now, we’ll have to build at least 100 new coal plants in the next 15 years.
  4. The sun is the most stable power source available. Many of the large-scale blackouts that happen in the US could be avoided if we were more reliant on solar power. Think about it. The sun is there every day – even on cloudy days, solar panels can generate some electricity. And while solar panels can and do occasionally get damaged in storms, if they are properly maintained, they are must less susceptible than power lines to the whims of nature. And if the sun disappears, we’ll bigger problems than where our power is coming from.
  5. New energy sources create new jobs. Including solar energy. In fact, for every 6 homes that install a solar system, 1 job is created. These jobs stay within the United States since installation cannot be outsourced.
  6. Solar power is the future. More than 30,000 homes are making the switch to solar energy each year, and this number continues to rise. At least a full quarter of Americans over the age of 35 (and therefore more likely to be homeowners) have looked into getting solar energy. The most common deterrent reported is the initial investment, which can be costly. However, these costs continue to go down as technology is improved and the benefits become clear. The sooner you convert to solar energy, the sooner you will start to see a return on your investment.
With all of the facts laid out, it’s clear that solar energy contains the vast possibility of being the perfect energy solution. Less environmental impact, saved money over time, stability, and a positive impact on the American economy are just a few of the perks that come with harnessing the sun. We’re still tapping into all of the promises of solar power.

Progressive Power Solutions designs Solar Systems to last for 30+ years


Investment grade solar
  • System Components: All system components are high-quality, reliable and come from name brand manufacturers that can back their warranty.
  • Design & Engineering: Our design and engineering team has proven solar engineering, electrical and construction credentials and experience–done hundreds of systems.
  • Installation: Every installation team is led by a NABCEP-Certified professional.
  • Company Reputation: PPS was founded in 2006, is well-established and financially healthy. All of our customers are happy, and we are in the solar industry for the long haul.
  • Financial Analysis: We’ll explain how much electricity you use now, explain what solar will (and will not) do for you, and give you payback info.
  • Financing: Financing is available.
Isn’t that what you are looking for? Note: NABCEP is the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals.

Utah Solar Power Discount Program Expiring

Contact:  Norm Harrison
Phone:  (801) 367-7282


Applications Must Be Submitted By April 1, 2013 Up To 20% Instant Volume Purchase Discounts on Residential or Commercial Solar Power Systems

Utah residents have a unique discount opportunity on home and commercial solar power systems which is expiring soon. Now through April 1, 2013 Progressive Power Solutions of Orem, Utah is taking applications from those interested in purchasing a new solar panel system at a significantly discounted rate.

Progressive Power is Utah’s largest and most experienced solar power installation company and is able to negotiate discounts of 10-20% off the current manufacturer rate on solar panels when purchasing in volume or bulk. According to Progressive Power Solutions President Norm Harrison, “we are combining all of our customers’ orders from now through the end of March into one large bulk order so we can take advantage of special manufacturers volume discounts which we will pass on directly to our customers.”

Harrison believes the savings will help make it easier for many families to take advantage of the enormous benefits solar power can provide in both financial savings and peace of mind.

The volume discount savings program when combined with other government issued rebates and tax credits, can save customers as much as 50% on the upfront cost of a new solar power system fully installed. Wendal Child of Fruit Heights, Utah said “our utility bill is down 70% from what we normally paid.” Child purchased a home system from Progressive Power Solutions in 2011 and has enjoyed the savings for nearly two years and is just one example of the monthly discount you can expect when installing a solar panel system on your home.

The cost of solar power systems have dropped sharply over the past 12 months making solar panels more affordable than ever before. Harrison went on to say, “For the first time ever, it now costs less to install a complete solar power system than it does to continue making payments to the power company”

Harrison cites reduced manufacturing costs due to increased sales volume and more competition in the marketplace as key reasons for the lower cost. However Harrison warned that prices were likely to increase as the cost of materials and manufacturing continue to rise. Harrison feels now is the best time to purchase solar panels and that is why they have organized this special volume discount program to help people interested in a solar power system get the best possible saving now before the prices go up.

When asked about the initial investment, Progressive Power Solutions customer Dr. Clyn Robinson of South Jordan, Utah stated “There is an upfront cost, but it’s not a cost that doesn’t make sense, it makes a whole lot of sense financially.”

Progressive Power Solutions offers a free solar evaluation for your home or commercial business and will provide a detailed quote outlining initial costs, expected savings, and financing options that may be available. Go to or call (801) 367-7282 for more details.

MONEY may be the BIGGEST reason to join the “US Solar Power Rooftop Revolution”!

Solar-Powered-Save-Money-image Did you know, according to an article published on the average 20-year savings from going solar in the US is over $20,000?   Solar power companies have been screaming about the benefits of solar for years, and were starting to wonder if anyone was listening.  When people finally take the plunge into “going solar” they finally realize how significant the savings really can be. The electric companies have us conditioned to pay them month after month after month.  We do it without much thought and don’t even take into consideration the profits that these near monopolies are generating and just how much of our hard earned money we are losing year after year by making those monthly payments.  The crazy part is that this adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings? Last year, Progressive Power Solutions of Orem, Utah, announced that for the first time it actually costs less to get a complete home solar system than it does to do nothing and keep making those monthly payments to the power company.  And it’s not getting any cheaper.  Rocky Mountain power announced their biggest rate hike increase ever, and warned that Utah consumers may see annual rate increases of 8-10% every year for the next decade.  That means your power bill is likely to DOUBLE every 10 years. What if you could get “Investment Grade” solar panels installed on your home for about $1 per day?  Take a look at these facts and figures on making the switch to solar, when working with Progressive Power Solutions.
  • With current federal & state tax incentives, along with available rebates a solar system’s final cost can be:
    • Commercial Building – 10% of total installed price
    • Home – 55% of total installed price
    • Electricity bill can go to near ZERO from day one
    • System payoff in 8 years for @$1 a day more than current power bill
    • Emergency 24/7 power for peace of mind
    • Eliminates energy inflation and locks in your rates for the next 30 years
    • 25 year warranty on all components
    • Solar homes & commercial buildings increase in market value
In the end, it comes down to a pretty easy choice:  Get a solar power system installed on your home or business and reap the enormous financial rewards, or continue sending your hard earned money to the electric companies and losing out on $20,000 over the next two decades. Call Progressive Power Solutions at (801) 367-7282 to schedule an in home evaluation and find out how much you can save by installing investment grade solar panels on your home or business, or visit our Testimonials page to see what others had to say about working with Progressive.

Did you know?

Did you know that there are Federal and State tax credits which can reduce the cost of solar power to your home or business by thousands of dollars?  Customers are seeing monthly savings of as much as 75% off their energy bills.  Don’t get caught paying increases to the power companies when there are far greater savings and benefits with solar energy.  Learn more about Progressive Power Solutions.


Contact:  Norm Harrison
Phone:  (801) 367-7282


Applications Must Be Submitted By January 28, 2013
To Qualify For Up To $5,000 On A Home Solar Power System

Rocky Mountain power is offering their 2013 Solar Incentive Program, which expires on January 28, 2013.  The rebates are the largest ever offered by Rocky Mountain Power, allowing for a maximum incentive of up to $5,000 towards the purchase of a residential solar power system.

There is a two-week window in which Rocky Mountain Power will accept applications.  Once the application period closes on the 28th, Rocky Mountain Power will then use a randomized lottery system to award the incentives to qualified applicants who properly submitted the information required.  This is where the experience of a leading solar power installation company like Progressive Power Solutions of Orem, Utah can help insure that you have the best opportunity to obtain a cash rebate towards the purchase of your solar power system.

Progressive Power Solutions, has helped many of their customers receive the Rocky Mountain power rebates in years past and is one of the most experienced solar installation companies in the state in helping home owners apply for this significant rebate.  Tanya Robinson is a Progressive Power Solutions customer who received a state issued rebate last year.  Robinson states “I was so grateful that someone who knew the ins and outs of (the program) chased it down and got us our rebate”

Solar is an alternative energy source that has been around for decades, but only in the past several months has solar truly become more cost effective to install than just continuing to make monthly payments to your power company.  Progressive Power President and C.E.O. Norm Harrison said there are many reasons for this.  “Higher sales volumes have driven production costs of solar panels down to an all time low.  This combined with rising power costs, tax incentives, and rebates such as the Rocky Mountain Power incentive program, has made it more affordable than ever to purchase a solar power system for your home”

The savings can be significant.  “Our utility bill is down 70% from what we normally paid” said Fruit Heights resident Wendal Child who purchased solar power for his home in 2011.  Progressive power also assisted Child in obtaining the Rocky Mountain Power incentive in 2011 and was a key reason Child moved forward on purchasing a solar power system for his home.

“A lot of it is about peace of mind more than anything else” said South Jordan resident Clyn Robinson.  Solar power will help maintain your homes power during an emergency or power outage and with a battery back-up system can allow you to maintain power for days and even weeks if needed.

“The reliability of power in my home was a big factor for me” added Tyler Bye of Lehi, Utah who purchased a solar system on his home just prior to Christmas.

Reliability and emergency preparedness are definitely reasons why Utah residents may want to take a serious look at the advantages of the Rocky Mountain Power incentive program this year but the bottom line is the savings solar can offer.  Thinking back on his experience of purchasing solar power, Child remembered “the best thing about this process was my monthly power bill.  In June of last year I opened the bill and just smiled.”

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If you would like more information about how to have Progressive Power Solutions assist you with your application for the RPM 2013 rebate, contact Norm Harrison at (801) 367-7282 or email

Solar Costs Less Than Your Power Company

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