For Homeowners

$1 a day + your utility savings = Solar Ownership in 7 Years.


FOR YOUR HOME–Progressive Power Solutions now has a dedicated finance professional who will finance your solar investment. Rates are competitive, the process is smooth and easy, and you don’t have to fill out a flurry of paperwork.

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For Business Owners

Tax Credits, Accelerated Depreciation, and Stabilized Operations Costs.

Business Owners

FOR YOUR BUSINESS–Planning on being in business…paying taxes? Put your tax dollars into your business and stabilize your energy charges for decades to come. We’ll talk REAL ROI.

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Financing Options

We’ve found this option to be the best for our customers

Purchase out of pocket, finance it yourself or a combination of these. 5 to10 year payback depending on system type, 125% return on investment first 10 years 500% by year twenty. You keep all the benefits. You bear the cost of maintenance and repairs after warranty.  This is the best deal for the consumer.